About green washing and tourism

It is very hip and common to make it seem as a company is something ‘green’. For example, local companies working in Lapland are encouraged by Visit Rovaniemi and Business Finland to use ‘green’ energy, hybrid or electric vehicles, and to recycle. Although we too appreciate saving resources, it does not make much sense to on the one hand do a lot of marketing and lobbying to promote Lapland as tourist destination, and as such Finnish Lapland has experienced a vast increase of tourists over the years, and on the other hand exhibit a wish to become more ‘green’.

Tourism is a wasteful industry. If you really care about the environment, don’t fly. Take a holiday near your place. A Frank Idea does not understand how a development into ‘green’ tourism and at the same time intense marketing campaigns for an increase in foreign tourism can be logically or ethically reconciled.

Our motto: consider the environment, enjoy life near your home! You will save a lot of money, a possible jet lag and other inconveniences of traveling, and have a much smaller impact on the environet as you would by traveling by plane. Therefore we hope we could work towards a sustainable decrease of tourism.