We want our guided tours to be interesting and fun for everybody. And although the winter in Lapland can be very cold indeed, and snow and ice can be sometimes difficult to move through, we believe that everybody should be able to participate in our activities to enjoy the sights of Lapland. A Frank Idea wants to serve all clients as best we can: We are comfortable serving people with mental and / or physical disabilities.

Customers who need adjusted transportation because of any illness or special need, for example because somebody is using a wheelchair, must inform A Frank Idea a week prior the activity. Please be as specific as possible so we can fine tune the activity together: A Frank Idea is willing, patient and positive to serve you. A preparatory telephone call might be useful.

If customers need personal assistance because of a medical condition or special need, the personal assistant(s) will participate in the service free of charge.

We use a mini bus that has an elevator.

If a service extends the described duration because of a medical condition or special need of a customer no additional fee shall be requested by A Frank Idea. In other words, if there is some extra work time for us because a customer has a special need, we will not demand any additional fee. In case the group of participants includes a customer with special needs, reasonable delays and longer duration of the tour may occur. A Frank Idea expects from other participants a considerate and positive attitude towards all our clients needs.

N.B. The Särestöniemi museum is not accessible for people using wheelchairs.

We recommend the following activities for persons with disabilities: