We will drive out of town to witness the beautiful vast and calming nature, spend time in a cozy cabin and hopefully see the the Northern Lights.
If we are outside we will sit on Reindeer skins and make a camp fire. We will have a snack, tea and chocolate to stay warm.
Your guide knows many stories about Lapland. 
We will make pictures of you and, hopefully, the Northern Lights, which we will send to you after the activity. 
Duration 3 – 4 hours. 
Please Note: The visibility of the Northern Lights, as well known as Aurora Borealis or Auroras, is varying because of changing solar activity and moreover changing local weather conditions. For example, if it is snowing or foggy – in case you can not see the stars for example – it is most likely unlikely to see the Northern Lights even if there is Auroral activity. It is therefore hard to predict in advance when there will be a reasonable chance to see Northern Lights. It is impossible to guarantee the visibility of the Northern Lights as it is a natural phenomenon. Even if weather conditions and solar activity are favorable, Northern Lights might not be visible; It involves luck to witness the Northern Lights. No refund will be offered on the ground that Northern Lights were not visible.

If you prefer to have an exlusive experience, without anybody else than the person(s) you booked the activity with, you can book your exclusive Northern Lights tour here: