Privacy, data protection and cookies

A Frank Idea respects your privacy:  we want as little information for as little time as possible about private clients. We exclusively ask for information that is needed to organize our services, which means just to be able to confirm a booking and inform about a pick up time and place.For that A Frank Idea only needs one valid email address of a paying customer.




In a booking- or contact form on our webpage you may optionally fill in your telephone number, and your name (if you want you could use an alibi instead of your given name). 





This data is exclusively used for the service and is not shared with third parties. The personal data is deleted as soon as possible after the service by A Frank Idea is concluded. The customer has the right to examine and correct his or her personal data.


In case you are a partner working together with A Frank Idea, we will not delete your contact details because it is likely we will continue working together in the future. Besides that, the same command regarding privacy and data protection will be applied.


We will not use pictures of customers taken during activities for promotional efforts.

A Frank Idea is selling its services on various third party booking platforms, such as Tripadvisor and Expedia. Stripe is the credit card company we use to process payments for bookings. If you buy at third party booking platforms and if you use the services of a credit card agency, you agree to their respective terms and agreements.

If you do not like to book through third party booking platforms, you could book directly at In case you can not or do not want to pay with a credit card, it is possible to pay per bank transfer. Please contact us if you prefer to pay via bank transfer.

The website and e-mail server of a Frank Idea are hosted by Orangewebsite servers in Iceland.


A Frank Idea uses unencrypted email as primary medium for communication. Customers and anybody else communicating with A Frank Idea acknowledge that unencrypted email communication is not considered as secure in regards of safety or privacy and that email might be stored in plain text by an email provider. A Frank Idea deletes emails a month after conversation. The e-mails we send do not contain any trackers.

We will not share your e-mail address or any other data with anyone unless we are required to by law enforcement.


In case A Frank Idea will be acquired by another party, we can not sell any customer details with the sale of the company.


In case one prefers another medium for communication, A Frank Idea prefers to communicate via signal messenger. Please mail us for our telephone number in order to use signal messenger.

A Frank Idea applies best practices to ensure the safety of the digital infrastructure of A Frank Idea. In case the website, server, computer or telephone of A Frank Idea will be breached, a notification shall be put on the webpage of A Frank idea. A Frank Idea will provide a description of potential consequences and possible measures to be taken to deal with a data breach. We can not reach out to individual customers, as we do not save the contact details of our previous customers.

Our website and e-mail server is hosted by Orangewebsite in Iceland.




The web shop of A Frank Idea uses software of Bokún, which is an online booking program owned by Tripadvisor.



The webpage of A Frank Idea uses one third party functional cookie by Bókun in order for the software to work. A functional cookie is necessary for the shopping cart of our web shop to work. The cookie is recognized by your web browser as ‘BokunSession widget’. It contains a user identification code and is used to track the user session, which allows to store bookings in a shopping cart.

A Frank Idea can not acces the software nor data that is gathered by this cookie.



Bokún applies Google analytics to gather traffic statistics on all Bokún software. Google analytics creates in order to do so the following cookies:

_gat_bokun_tracker_[bookingChannelId] : 1 minute
_ga : 1 day
_gid : 2 years







This website of A Frank Idea does not use any other (tracking) cookies. We can not collect or re-sell any of the data you generate by browsing the web.