Guided tour at Alvar Aalto buildings in Rovaniemi

Duration: 1 hour.

Adults: 39,- EUR.

Children 7 to 17 years: 19,- EUR.

Infants 0 to 7 years: Free.

The administrative and Cultural Center consists of a square with modern sculptures and three buildings; the City Hall, the Municipal Library, and the Lappia Hall, home to the Rovaniemi City Theatre. The administrative and cultural center of Rovaniemi is the essence of Elissa and Alvar Aalto’s legacy in Lapland. During the guided tour we will focus on the square and on the municipal library, studying the waving shape of the building, and the style and functionality of Artek furniture. In the spacious lending room of the library, we will esteem the significance of light design which combines daylighting and Aalto’s signature light fittings. What kind of feeling does the building enkindle to you? In the library works by local artists are exhibited. How did Aalto interpret the architectural history and international trends? Do Finnish landscapes resonate in Aalto’s design? Is an Aalto building a gesamtkunstwerk? What made Aalto’s architecture so unique? Your guide explains Aalto about mankind, nature, and technology, and you can see how these ideas are reflected in the design. During the guided tour you will get a good impression of Aalto’s architecture and hear interesting insights about architecture and about the history of Rovaniemi. Did you for example kow the urban plan for Rovaniemi, as envisioned by the Alvar Aalto, resembles the head of a reindeer?

Highlights: Alvar Aalto, Reindeer head street plan, library.

What is included / not included in the price?

  • Transport to and from the guided tour is not included.
  • Outdoor clothing is not included.