Educators, journalists, entrepreneurs & other professionals

I have worked in tourism in Lapland since 2013. I have set up my own company, developed my own guided tours, and I am familiar with local attractions, research, institutes and key companies. Especially if you are coordinating educational exchange programs, and you would like to add cultural and historical aspects of Finnish Lapland in your program, I could assist you making your project a success. I as well like to work as researcher and production assistant for journalistic productions.

A fruitful collaboration starts with a intake 30 minutes video call or meeting free of charge, after which I could make an offer for a further collaboration. After the intake of 30 minutes, I will charge per hour for my work.

If you would like to learn more about setting up a company from scratch, and how to promote cultural and historical tourism, please contact me for a consult or presentation.

Private travellers

Please see Lapland Q&A (internal link).