Privacy and data protection

Last updated on 08.04.2021

I will never use pictures of customers taken during services of activities for promotional efforts for my activities.

I use unencrypted email as the primary medium for communication. Please acknowledge that unencrypted email communication is not considered secure. I store emails on a server I rent at Orange Website (external link) in Iceland. I delete emails shortly after an activity has been conducted. I do not put trackers in emails (external link). In case you prefer a more secure method to communicate, I encourage communicating via signal messenger (external link). Please mail me to set up a signal call.

In case my website, computer or telephone, will be breached, a notification shall be put on this webpage. In that case, I shall provide a description of potential consequences and possible measures to be taken to cope with the data breach.

I apply best practices to ensure the safety of my digital infrastructure. I mostly use open source software (external link); I use Fedora (external link) Linux as OS on my desktop computer and Apple iOS on my smartphone. Furthermore, I update my devices and my websites regularly. The server on which the my website and email server is running is hosted by Orange Website (external link) in Iceland (external link). This website was made with (external link) code. I use a plugin by Wordfence security. (External link). The website uses Astra wordpress theme. (External link).

The data controller at A Frank Idea is Frank.

A Frank Idea

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Please contact me for more information:


Under the GDPR a customer has the right to file a complaint with a supervisory authority. In Finland, you could reach out to the:

Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman (external link)

P.O. Box 800



+358 29 56 66700

I like to thank everybody who has contributed or is contributing to free and open software 🙂 (external link)