Do you have questions about a stay in Lapland, but you don’t know whom to ask? Ask away in Lapland Q&A. You Question, I Answer.

Practical things you might want to know more about in advance of your holidays are for example: How to dress up properly for a comfortable stay in Lapland? What about our diets (halal, vegan, etc.) and drinking water during our stay in Rovaniemi? Are there places of worship in Rovaniemi? How about traffic, public transport and getting around in Lapland? What about the polar night and the midnight sun? Can you be outside when it is freezing cold?

This Q&A might is interesting and fun. I could explain you more about the effects of global warming. Would you like to know more about the Finnish educational system? What is it like to live in Lapland? What do people like to do here during winter and summer? What do houses look like in Lapland?

The more you know, the more you see during your stay.