Media collaboration policy

I am conditionally positive to assist journalists and documentary makers in their work to cover Rovaniemi, Lapland and the Arctic. I started my company because I want to highlight historically and culturally relevant sights.

If you are in need of in-depth background knowledge about Rovaniemi, Lapland and the Arctic, I am pleased to assist you in your research and production, for example with fact checking. I can help you to find information, pictures and as well get you in contact with relevant local experts. I am experienced presenting on camera.

I have to endorse the values of the media outlet in order to collaborate. I do not endorse ‘social media’, and therefore I am not interested to collaborate with people whom use for example Instagram, Facebook or Youtube as their main platform for exposure. Bare in mind I do not like to reproduce stereotypes and stereotypical imagery. To be clear, I am not interested to do anything related to mass tourism and simplistic or exoticizing imagery, unless to provide a critical perspective on that. I am not interested to do marketing for the sake of increasing the amount of tourists in Lapland.

If I invest my time and energy in helping you in your work without a financial reward, I have to be quoted or mentioned in your final product in return. In case it is not possible to be quoted or mentioned, then I work for a financial reward; I could work as consultant or research- and production assistant (internal link) for your project.

In case you are interested to work together for media coverage, please contact me (internal link). I will send you a questionnaire that will help to clarify if a possible collaboration will be fruitful. I am especially interested in the purpose of your work, and as well I would like to consult your previous work.

My blog is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 (external link)