I like to diversify the ecosystem of tourism in Rovaniemi and Lapland, and I am keen to promote relevant attractions and activities that are commonly, to my opinion, underexposed.

In case I have a vacancy for a job I will consult my network first.

However, if you have an interesting idea to develop a new (which is currently not available) cultural, historical, artistic, or architectural guided tour or workshop in or around Rovaniemi, please convince me to develop it with you. If you want to cooperate with me I like you to be independent, creative, idealistic, caring, dedicated, critical but constructive, open minded and tolerant, social, sensitive, reliable and flexible. On top of that you need to be able to engage and convincingly share your curiosity about art, history, architecture, musea and exhibitions, or any other cultural attraction or workshop.

You can only work for A Frank Idea if you have already lived some time in Lapland and have familiarized yourself with this place. I work together with guides and facilitators on a freelance basis.

Please contact me to develop a new idea or activity. After mail contact we can meet in person to talk further about your ideas.